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Tree Lopping

At Tree Wizards, we have the experience and reputation that has lead us to become Sydney's leading 'Tree Lopping Experts'.

Tree Removal

Tree Wizards has evolved to be one of the most experienced and qualified Tree Lopping and Removal teams in Sydney.

Remember trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons; when they become structurally unsound, unsightly, diseased or die, or cause damage to pipes, paving or building foundations. The removal process can be quite straightforward, to incredibly complex and dangerous requiring the use of complicated rigging and highly specialised equipment.

Our Process is as follows:

Within 48 hours of receiving a quote request, our estimator of over 10 years Tree Surgery experience will organise a site visit either with or without our client being present depending on site access and complexity of the work involved.

Following the considering of all the aspects of the assignment, we give our expert advice and best price is provided together with any insurance certification requested. Once awarded the contract a date for the work to be performed is agreed with our client. Communication with our estimator remains constant until the work is completed and our client is satisfied.


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